We also RECYCLE, REUSE, and REINVENT using some of our special finds!

Recycling for the Greater Good

Good Deeds is a recycled goods shopping experience that is good for your soul and good for our community. Good Deeds began from our parent company, Dirty Deeds House Clean Outs.  We clean out attics, basements, garages and whole houses, receiving a lot of nice, useable items in daily.

All items from Dirty Deeds such as furniture, electronics, cleaning supplies, and more are brought into our store and sold at competitive prices.  Our philosophy is to help people who have less than most of us each quarter in our “give back” program.

Our policy is a portion of our profits are given to local charities each quarter, in addition to donations collected throughout that quarterly campaign. Additionally, furniture and household items not sold in our store are donated to a charitable group Household Goods in action, who provides over 1,000 families in need household goods through various agencies in Boston.

Thus we sell items and provide some funds to local charities and also provide families in need essentials all from our clean-outs of our sister company, Good Deeds Cleanouts.